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The primary service provided by Rolling Kidz is transportation for Children and Youth. A Parent, Guardian or Group Leader contacts Rolling Kidz and gives us the details of the itinerary for a child or a group of children and we provide pricing options based on ongoing services over a weekly schedule or a one time need.

Event Planning

Rolling Kidz also provides group transportation for field trips for the day or for multiple days in cooperation with a Church, Civic Organization, Non-profit or Other. Rolling Kidz can be primary or secondary on managing the itinerary for the trip depending on the individual needs of our Client(s).

Emergency Transportation

Rolling Kidz can be the “go-to” resource in the event of an emergency whenever a Parent or Guardian is unable to pickup a child or group of children. The Parent or Guardian can register Rolling Kidz as an “Emergency Contact” to provide transportation in the event it is needed anytime day or night.


Secure Transportation

Rolling Kidz can provide secure and monitored transportation services to Non-profits and Group Homes in the private or governmental sectors. We are a reliable resource for transporting Youth of all age groups.

Disabled Transportation

Rolling Kidz will operate a division that specializes in special transportation for Youth with handicaps that require them to be transported in wheel chairs. We will maintain a handicapped rated vehicle for this type of transportation option.

Special Transportation

As an alternative to a limo Rolling Kidz will provide transportation to dances, proms and other events catering to the individual needs of our Clients.



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