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Unconditional Disciplinary Terms & Conditions:

Rolling Kidz takes the responsibility of transporting your children safely and reliably and in oder to do this our Team Driver(s) must maintain the management of all the children

we serve at the same time. While most of our passengers will behave properly Rolling Kidz must require you, as a Parent, Guardian and/or Group Leader, to agree to these terms and conditions unconditionally and once you choose to use our services you are validating your unconditional agreement to the terms and conditions as follows;


• Your child or children are required to behave while in the custody of our Team Driver(s) and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.


• If Rolling Kidz has a problem with any child or group of children the first step is a warning, given to the Parent, Guardian or Group Leader as a notification. The second step is   a conference, the third step is a temporary ban from using Rolling Kidz transportation services and after a return after a temporary ban if the child/children misbehave again Rolling Kidz will discuss this with the Parent, Guardian or Group Leader before expelling the child/children for a longer period of time.


• Rolling Kidz must maintain a safe transportation environment for those we serve and any unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behavior cannot be tolerated. We ask that you         understand this is a business where we are responsible for your child/children and we cannot and will not take any chances.


• If a child becomes belligerent and remains in an uncontrollable state Rolling Kidz will have to safely restrain the child/children until the Parent, Guardian or Group Leader can   be met and/or a law enforcement authority arrives to take custody of the child or children and this is an absolute last resort procedure that you are required to acknowledge when using our services.


• A termination of service will not result in a refund of any kind as your decision to use the transportation services provided by Rolling Kidz, once services have began,               constitutes a payment for services and you agree not to make a reverse credit or debit card dispute with your bank or credit/debit card provider.


• Rolling Kidz will make itself available, as promptly as possible, to answer any questions or concerns by a Parent, Guardian or Group Leader however we ask that you be patient with us if we cannot reply immediately to a request due to our Team being in the process of delivering the transportation services we provide. Rest assured your           communications will be replied to promptly.


• As Rolling Kidz evolves as a new business, we will add to, change and/or edit this terms and conditions document so please re-read it often.



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